Microsoft Surface Book 2 Specs Reveal Improved Hardware, New Look & Lower Price

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    Technology Technology Mar 17, 2017 03:50 PM EDT


    The Microsoft Surface Book 2 specs are an improvement over its predecessor, same goes with the price except it will come in a different form. The first Surface Book came with a versatile hybrid 2-in-1 hybrid laptop package.

    Despite its solid build and performance, It also came with an expensive price tag. This is something that Microsoft is hoping to address in the next Microsoft Surface Book 2 specs.

    According to DigiTimes, the next Surface Book is going to be a lot cheaper than the last model. Microsoft gave the first Surface Book a price drop, from $1,499 to $1,299.

    Unfortunately, Microsoft admitted that even with the price slash, the Surface Book still doesn't have that much of a demand, due to its price. Which is why the next Microsoft Surface Book 2 specs will not only be improved over the last, the price is also cheaper.

    The next Surface Book is targeting a $1,000 price tag, which comes with a 13.5 inch display. The Microsoft Surface Book 2 specs is also expected to have an upgrade over the last, with better processor and GPU.

    However, it will no longer keep the original Surface Book's 2-in-1 hybrid design. This means the Microsoft Surface Book 2 will just take the form of a regular laptop. The design decision might have to do with keeping the Surface Book 2's cost on the low end.

    Microsoft also explained that the Surface Book's 2-in-1 hybrid form is in conflict with their Microsoft Surface Pro line-up. Improving the Microsoft Surface Book 2 specs while keeping it in laptop form might be the better decision.

    After all, having two separate Surface product line-ups that have the same selling point is quite redundant. Meanwhile, Microsoft's highly anticipated Surface Phone won't be releasing for quite some time.

    According to Express, Microsoft has suffered a huge delay in releasing their Surface Phone. This was due to problems in the Windows 10 mobile operating system, which is something that they wanted to prioritize first before focusing on the Surface Phone.

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