Cartoon Furniture Can Make You Go Back To Childhood

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    Architecture Architecture Mar 20, 2017 03:09 PM EDT


    A number of chairs, tables and lamps looking like animated characters, as well as comic book drawings, were recently spotted at Chamber gallery. What could they be?

    The collection of dining chairs by Brooklyn duo Andy and Dave sported a number of interesting items, each of which showed a different personality. The shapes, colors and materials looked quite stunning, with unique and diverse characteristics, according to Dezeen. 

    You can check out the furniture at Chamber gallery in New York's Chelsea. It was all included in an exhibition with the title of 'Domestic Appeal'. Children's rooms should be simple, airy and happy, according to There should be light, air and a lot of happy toys everywhere.

    Designed for Walt Disney Japan, each of the maple wood tables was dressed in a knitted sleeve to look like one of Winnie the Pooh's friends, including Tigger, Piglet, Eeyore and other inhabitants of Hundred Acre Wood.

    After Japanese cartoons for concepts related to design were examined, it was found that about 50 metallic chairs were found in the set. They were shown in a Milanese cloister courtyard. Interestingly, all of them were based on a number of expressive lines as well as speech bubbles found in manga comic books.

    Grcic's plastic Sam Son chair was compared to a pool noodle. The designer himself confessed that the shape showed some hint of a cartoon character. It was a design that had been produced by Italian brand Magis and debuted in the Milan design week of 2015.

    This lamp's idea had been conceptualised by Normann Copenhagen. It was designed from a cartoon character named Calimero, a small chicken that had an eggshell overlaid on its head. It was a character that had been created to advertise an Italian soap brand. Later, it got licensed for a Japanese series.

    The concrete resin table that had the shape of a monkey above the waist, with a flat tray above its head, just like a waiter, was produced by BD Barcelona. "I just love the idea of a tropical animal - the monkey - serving you in a funny position," said the Spanish designer. He based his mould for the table on one of his drawings.

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