Mind-blowing Creativity Of Un.Box Studio In Austin Woods

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    Architecture Architecture Mar 16, 2017 01:04 PM EDT


    American architectural firm Un.Box has teamed up to create new castles to emphasize the speculative feeling of creativity. This firm always aims at low-maintenance materials to discover their plans. As the saying goes, "the more we shape our building; the more they shape us". Architecture that is designed to build a project in Austin woods for single-family.

    Un.Box studio has reduced its cost of maintenance as to build a waterfront cottage on in the presence of beautiful Cyprus trees. It lies just a few miles from the downtown, Austin. It is a single family project that separated master suite from a larger heritage. This entry allows backyard which is designed for a larger ground. 

    The wooden cottage located in Austin maintains merely 100 feet wide and also spread in a verdant lawn. According to Dezeen, it is the best-suited place for the people to relax. And, this beautiful place is owned by the same family from 1970s. The client sets to retreat the same place that could entertain their children in the future. This simple and humble place with unique cabins will be a better host for the family gatherings, weekend retreats etc.

    As un-boxstudio said, a small cabin called Cousin Cabana is mainly for hosting multiple programs that will make the small space feel just as a large environment. This unique cabin consists of a small kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom and external storage and deck too. Natural materials are chosen so that the maintenance fee becomes comparatively low. Just because of rain screen siding, floor to ceiling steel windows. The main aim of the studio is to enhance minimalist, more efficient and sustainable design.

    Un.Box studio has given a tranquil and melancholic beauty to the environment by adding to the remote monastery of the domestic world. It is built mainly for the sake of clients that feeling of remoteness and the concept of solitary. Large storage units are added to make the rooms appear larger. Natural lights and the woods facing window ideas are the most delegated part of this design.

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