Climate Change 2017 Calls For Green Architecture To Combat National Security Threat

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    Architecture Architecture Mar 20, 2017 02:18 PM EDT


    Climate change 2017 is an issue that seems to be worsening, specially this year since it's now considered as a National Security threat. With global warming getting worse by the year, researchers are turning to other alternatives in reducing the negative effects of climate change.

    However, environmentalists can only do so much in preventing the inevitable worsening of climate change 2017 and onward. This is why others believe that we should turn to other alternatives as a solution to the current state of our climate.

    According to YourStory, one solution to lessen climate change 2017 is to turn to green architecture. The source mentioned that other parts in the world are already implementing green architecture on a massive scale.

    In India, green architecture is becoming a big factor in their development. As a matter of fact, India has come up with a "green building footprint" of about 3.86 billion square feet.

    Which such a large mass area, this makes India's green project the second largest in the world. However, their climate change 2017 prevention efforts don't stop there.

    India hopes to expand their green architecture area by 2020 in order to make them the world's biggest in this category. Environment-friendly structures will soon start emerging on China as well, starting in Nanjing City.

    In Washington, the city of Seattle was able to construct what many consider as a "living building." Seattle's Bullitt Centre was built as a solution to climate change 2017 and beyond, with its greywater system and zero energy composting toilets.

    These are much needed structures, since in America, the government sees global warming as a serious issue now more than ever. According to NPR, defense secretary James Mattis has considered climate change 2017 as a national security threat.

    However, the push for green architecture can help ease that threat, if not entirely solving the problem. Some strongly believe that by incorporating green architecture in government facilities and real estate, this would significantly lessen the worsening of climate change 2017 and in the years ahead. 

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