Mobile Payment Service LG Pay Initial Launch In South Korea, Comes With Restrictions

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    Technology Technology Mar 27, 2017 09:38 AM EDT


    Mobile payment service LG Pay will finally see the light of day, but some of its restrictions and exclusivity issues might seem off-putting to some. LG is lagging behind their competitors Apple, Samsung and Android.

    Top tech companies have already come up with their respective mobile payment service. While the arrival of LG Pay is a little late, the good thing about it is that, at least it is actually coming out.

    After all, LG has been teasing their mobile payment service in the last two years. Multiple delay announcements from the South Korean tech corporation led fans to doubt that LG Pay will even materialize.

    Regardless, LG loyalists will finally have their share of the mobile payment service, that is years in the making. However, there will be some form of exclusivity and restrictions to the service, at least in its initial launch.

    According to GSMArena, LG Pay will first debut on the flagship LG G6 smartphone. In addition, LG's mobile payment service will only be available in South Korea, in the mean time, at the very least.

    While this might be a good selling point for their latest flagship model, it limits the availability of their payment system. This also limits their target market to a smaller margin, compared other mobile payment services like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay.

    However, doing so might also urge people to consider buying the LG G6. According to Android Authority, the G6 isn't a bad phone, in fact, it might even save the South Korean company's sales figures.

    The G6 uses LG's tried-and-tested formula, as they incorporate familiar hardware into their flagship model, while maintaining a traditional form compared to their previous disastrous modular designs. The LG Pay launches in June, and this mobile payment service will only serve as an icing to the cake, for G6 owners.

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