Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch Gets Concept Design Overhaul For Fashionable Consumers

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    Technology Technology Mar 27, 2017 11:49 AM EDT


    The Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch receives a fashionable and stylish upgrade with a concept design for people with more classy tastes. The Samsung wearable line-up is looking a lot better with improved smartwatch designs, not to mention the cool Samsung Gear VR.

    A recent design that Samsung showcased on Baselworld 2017 hopes to capture the sophisticated shoppers market. According to The Verge, Samsung featured a Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch concept, in the form of a traditional yet stylish pocket watch.

    The pocket watch itself is a traditional one in its fullest sense, but with Samsung's very own hardware fitted into it. This Samsung Gear S3 watch concept design also comes with a compass situated on its lid.

    Unfortunately, Samsung hasn't announced any plans of releasing this classy-looking concept design. While potential buyers shouldn't hold their breath in waiting for this to come out of the market, some are not ruling out the possibility of its availability in the years ahead.

    This pocket watch concept isn't the only Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch that's getting a redesign. According to Express, Samsung is updating their Gear S3 watches, giving these a new Frontier and Classic option.

    The redesigned Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch sports GPS tracking feature, a much brighter colorful screen and better, lengthier battery life.

    Samsung is showing that, they're not only seriously competitive in their mobile market, they are just as competitive in the wearable market as well. The Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch is only one part of their whole range of wearable gadgets too.

    There's the Samsung Gear VR for people who are into the Virtual Reality experience. Then there's also the Samsung Gear S3 bands for athletes or people who just want to track their fitness. With the upcoming range of Samsung Gear S3 Smartwatch line-ups, there's always something that catches the attention of every type of person. 

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