Augmented Reality Glasses That Could Be Successors To Google Glass

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    Technology Technology Mar 16, 2017 01:02 AM EDT


    Augmented reality glasses might not have been that much of a hit from Google, but these AR eyewears might achieve what the Google Glass couldn't. The AR eyewear product line-up isn't looking as good as other wearables, in terms of sales.

    With the rise of fitness trackers and SmartWatches jumping into the picture, augmented reality glasses will have a hard time catching up. Despite the Google Glass being not much of a success, other companies are taking a gamble into the AR eyewear technology.

    The tech behind Google Glass isn't entirely something that's considered as a failure. It just needed some adjustments in order to be more marketable. According to YankoDesign, Intel might have come up with just that, a more budget-friendly eyewear design.

    Intel's Recon Jet isn't exactly fully-integrated augmented reality glasses. Instead, the Recon Jet takes away the distractions of a fully-augmented screen by merely incorporating a smaller screen into a functional pair of glasses.

    This screen displays all the statistical information that athletes need in their daily routine. Intel's Recon Jet manages to keep its price tag at $349, a lot cheaper than the hefty $1500 price tag of the Google Glass.

    While the Recon Jet is mainly marketed towards athletes, there are alternative augmented reality glasses for everyone else. Snap Inc. has their social-media friendly AR glasses called Spectacles.

    Even Toshiba is jumping into the mix of the augmented reality glasses market. According to HuffingtonPost, Toshiba is partnering up with tech firm Vuzix in order to manufacture a new line of Smart Glasses.

    Vuzix is no stranger to the augmented reality glasses market, as they've already produced models like their M300 range. The company is hoping to sell thousands of this new line of glasses starting 2018.

    Is augmented reality glasses the future of the wearables industry? We can't tell for sure, but this will certainly be the direction that tech manufacturers will be heading in the years to come. 

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