Introducing the Snapchat for Dummies: Clips App by Apple

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    Articles Articles Mar 29, 2017 03:43 PM EDT


    Apple just confirmed the rumor about a new video application that is basically Snapchat for Dummies - the all new Clips App. This app makes you enjoy all the features of video editing and filter offered by other social media apps but this time it is simpler.

    Fast Co. Design, a design site made to feature brilliant designs in art, architecture, household, and technology, just published the article featuring the Clips App by Apple. This app has been around the grapevine for quite some time and Apple has indeed confirmed the truth behind this news. It is a rumor no more when Apple announced their Clips App. This app can make you record a video and edit the filters, add graphics, and put subtitles without getting confused with the commands.

    What Apple's Clips App is offering is a platform for the older generation for them to enjoy the applications without getting confused with modern jargon. Snapchat is one of the popular media sites used by teenagers and millenials to communicate with their peers, catch up with each other, and update their social media. With the speed of evolution that technology has, it is harder for the earlier generations to catch up.

    Prior to their release of the Clips App, Apple introduced an Emoji dictionary known as Emojipedia. Apple has long been trying to make gadget usage for the non-techie people easy, fun, and stress-free. With this fact, it is a guarantee that the application will be a simpler version of Snapchat.

    Apple introduced the Clips app this year and started stating that the app is fast and easy to use. After recording, since you can edit real time, you can immediately send them to people on your different social platforms. Apple also said that the app makes animated captions that you can command using your voice.

    The Clips App, unlike Snapchat, can create multi-clip videos. Since this is video editing made easy, Clips can also add music and they immediately adjust the length of the video and the length of the music. What's not to love? Go and try it out for yourself now.

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