MiT Says Biotechnology Will Shape Future Digital Means

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    Technology Technology Apr 25, 2017 05:47 PM EDT


    Recent news have mentioned that Nicholas Negroponte, the founder of the MIT media lab has mentioned and highly favored biotechnology. MIT is one of the biggest technological hubs in the world, a lot of amazing technological advnacements have come from there.

    MIT says, according to In Your Hands, that biotechnology will shape the future of technology at least for a decade until something better comes along. Negroponte said this at a symposum that was held in MIT where he was asked to predict the future of technological advnancement.

    He said that the world is coming together and because of that biotechnology could very well be the next "digital". He has a lot of weight to his words considering he was involved in a Nobel Prize winning regarding biotech in 1959.

    According to Dezeen, biotech is basically defined as using living organisms to develop products. This has been rapidly increasing in recent times as it is highly sustainable, faster, and more durable. For instance people are making clothes using bacteria and algae. These clothes can repair themselves.

    People are also creating plants which glow in the dark. Negroponte believes that artificial and natural things have now been mixed. Synthetic biology has also been introduced recently. This is when the genetic structure of bacteria is changed to fight cancer

    This saves the need for chemotherapy and expensive medication as bacteria multiply naturally and will fight the cancer automatically. This could very well be free and it would do no harm. He says that he can use nature and do something better with it.

    Soon there will be even more devices and creations which make use of biotech. Perhaps there may even be glass made out of see through bacteria which heals itself by just giving it water and sunlight. The possibilities will be endless if the secrets are unlocked. 

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