LG G6 Unveils First Commercial; Expands Its Audience By Tapping Into Sports Fan Market

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    Technology Technology Mar 30, 2017 05:56 PM EDT


    The LG G6 just presented itself to the world via its first commercial, as it also hopes to capture the attention of not just the general public, but sports fans too. LG's new flagship model is a no-frills approach to Android smartphones, both in its design and marketing.

    Next to fellow South Korean tech giant Samsung, LG is making itself known as a top contender in the smartphone market. What better way to present their latest LG G6 model than to televise a short 30-second commercial.

    According to GSMArena, LG's latest commercial of their latest flagship smartphone is just the first out of a string of commercials that will soon be revealed. The commercial itself is a traditional no-nonsense, direct-to-the-point affair as it showcases the capabilities of the LG G6.

    The latest LG handset prides itself for having a noticeably wide screen, all while being able to be grasped easily in one hand. The LG G6 certainly makes the most out of its body, by minimizing the edges and removing the physical button on the front.

    Meanwhile, LG's latest smartphone entry is going to be official phone of the famous ice hockey team the Montreal Canadiens, according to Yahoo. This partnership opens up the LG G6 to an even bigger and varied market, sports fans.

    Ice hockey is such big thing in Canada, and the fans of this sport is something that LG has in their favor. "We are proud to say that we have one of the most loyal and engaged fan-bases in the world", added Club de hockey Canadien Executive VP France Belanger.

    If that's the case, then LG will have a huge advantage in the sales department. LG Canada brand manager Shelly Walia mentioned that LG G6 is designed "with consumers in mind."

    Walia further explained that this official hockey team smartphone hopes to bring fans closer to their favorite teams with its 4K live-streaming and broadcasting capabilities. With that said, LG hopes to fare better than Samsung, particularly in flagship smartphone sales figures.

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