Trevor Cutts Shows Us Detroit From A Drone's Perspective

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    Articles Articles Apr 13, 2017 07:12 PM EDT


    Ever since drones were invented they seeped into industries people would never expect them to. Having drones for entertainment purposes is fine but a creative mind can use them for artistic purposes as well. That is exactly what Trevor Cutts did in his most recent video.

    Having a drone is like having a helicopter that is able to fly at low and high distance and turn really sharply. Add a video camera to it and anything recorded in it would be a perspective no one has seen before. Showing a new perspective, style, or method in art is one of the major attributes of it.

    American British actor Trevor Cutts captured the city of Detroit in broad daylight using his phone. Daydec Design mentioned that he did this using a Yuneec Q500 Drone. It is a very good drone as it is aerodynamic, and has a good battery life. Its stability allows for great videography.

    Design Boom cited some of the words he said about the city of detroit. He had a very broad idea for the city. He wanted to not only capture the most known places but he wanted to get the most unknown and unusual places as well. This created a nice mixture to work with and see.

    He compiled it all on a video and shared his story. He said that it was heaps of fun using Lyfts and walking around while his drone flies above the air. He also said he got to know the city of Detroit really well by doing all of this. All in all the video he captured really shows the feel of detroit, it has everything.

    He captured famous landmarks to abandoned stadiums. Small apartments and houses to large bridges, roads, and buildings. It really showed what Detroit looks like to an unknown eye. It showed all the beauty and all the unknown viewing angles that city proved to have.

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