‘From Hand to Hand’ Features Stories of Greek Craftsmanship

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    Art Art Apr 11, 2017 05:39 PM EDT


    From Hand to Hand takes time to celebrate "Stories About Craftsmanship in Greece Today." The feature is inspired by personal stories of traditional artisans during the times of their trips to the country of their childhood vacations.

    From Hand to Hand, a project launched on Feb. 28, 2017, beautifully showcases Greek craftsmanship by featuring an intimate list of makers. It is founded by creative duo Laura Bernhardt, a cultural worker and art curator, and Benjamin Tafel, an art director and photographer.

    The featured stories on From Hand to Hand entails the extent to which craftspeople consider their professions as their way of life and their way of being, rather than a mere job. Stories of Pelion boat builders, woodcarvers on the island of Skyros, Athenian sandal makers, and women's cooperative in Visitza, can't help but shine a spotlight on age old craftsmanship and traditions, that are being forgotten in this modern age.

    When asked why they felt the urgency to explore these group of people, Tafel explained that the ongoing economic crisis and the negative news about Greece have moved the duo to focus on the makers who do not give up despite the increasingly difficult conditions. But it's also interesting to watch how Bernhardt and Tafel are using online mediums to promote these old traditions.

    "It would be interesting to rediscover these old professions and examine them in terms of their potential to recompose old traditions and techniques and connect them with contemporary thinking," said Bernhardt, according to Yatzer. "And perhaps new technological innovations [matter too], so they become more attractive for the next generation to carry on handicraft businesses."

    Meanwhile, the future of the From Hand to Hand project could get brighter. As the duo are working on expanding the online realms through an exhibition format in a physical space, many are looking forward to the sequels that are sure to follow.

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