Artists Are Becoming A Brand To Survive In The Market

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    Articles Articles Apr 13, 2017 08:01 PM EDT


    Back in the old centuries, an artist's name would be their most famous attribute, more famous than perhaps any of their paintings. However, nowadays things are a bit different. Nowadays an artist will find really difficult to survive and thrive by just their name.

    In The Streets shared an article on this which titled that Artists are becoming a brand to answer to the changing market. People usually forget that artists are people who follow their passion but a lot of those times it is their job as well. This means they need to survive in the market to make an earning in order to survive themselves.

    Anna Louise Sussman from Artsy also wrote an article about this. She mentioned that a lot of artists in a gallery discussed the controversy of branding themselves and what it means for the art market. "Artists are Brands now. Deal with it" read the next title of the paragraph.

    She said that artists are converting themselves into brands just like large corporations do. She also added that they do it very openly and very shamelessly. They have a very good reason for doing so as well. The market is changing and the only people on top are brands.

    When large corporations become brands, their brand names is what's known the most throughout the world. It is what is spoken the most and comes on top of search results the most. Even Google is a brand, but their parent company who owns it is called ABC.

    This is why artists are doing it as well. They are doing it so they can continue the destiny of art, so they can go to the top once more in this changing market where their names would simply just not be enough. In all honesty it may not be a bad thing but it could change the art industry forever.

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