LastPass Announces New Autofill Feature in Android O

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    Technology Technology Apr 13, 2017 09:21 PM EDT


    Google has released the first developer preview that would hit early app devices and OEMs last month, as a part of its next operating system, Android O. One of the most anticipated features to be incorporated in Android O is LastPass's Autofill API that would allow apps fill text fields on their own.

    LastPass is a password management service that allows users to save passwords, card forms, addresses, card information, and other details. By enabling Autofill API, LastPass would save users even more time on Android devices, because it will help fill fields other than just passwords, according to GSM Arena.

    With the Autofill API feature, LastPass also looks to ramp up the security features as it currently relies on the Accessibility API to fill up the text fields. The bold move, however, comes with two drawbacks as explained by LastPass - its processor-intensive nature becomes time-taking, and requires users to grant additional permissions.

    Nonetheless, the feature will be a great tool for password managers. In fact, only within a few days post the release, LastPass has announced it is working on Autofill API integration to facilitate users with improved autofilling of password, address, card and other forms on devices running Android O.

    The Autofill API feature will also allow users to make payments via credit card forms stored in LastPass. LastPass has said to roll out this feature to Android O running devices in a few months, meanwhile working on an updated version of LastPass to incorporate the integration with Android O's Autofill API.

    Before the release of the new feature, LastPass has come under criticism for having vulnerabilities in its browser extensions, according to NDTV. As it was spotted by a Google researcher, the company immediately released statements clarifying that it is aware of the vulnerabilities and is working on fixing the issue.

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