Vertical Village Project, SOM To Lead ‘One Bangkok’

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    Architecture Architecture Apr 17, 2017 02:10 PM EDT


    Chicago-based Skidmore Owings & Merrill (SOM) has revealed plans to be a part of One Bangkok. The 'vertical village' project will feature a new 16Ha mixed-use development in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand.

    SOM aims to create a private-sector development, comprising of a vertical village providing homes and venues of work for a population at about 60,000 people. Through One Bangkok, SOM would translate the energy of Bangkok's neighborhoods into a vertical environment, while promoting a district-level sustainability.

    SOM seeks to promote an essence of stronger community and well-being in a dense urban environment by welcoming public plazas, streetscapes, and greenspace with serene landscapes. Through the vertical village project, One Bangkok would host retails, residential areas, offices, a hotel and 8Ha of public space.

    Bangkok is often considered one of the most dynamic and energetic cities in the world with a vibrant street life, said SOM Design Partner Scott Duncan. "Our vision for One Bangkok seeks to capture that energy, extending the vitality of the city's streets through the district and then upward, weaving green, outdoor spaces into the fabric of the towers as they rise," Duncan said, according to Arch Daily.

    The vertical village project would also feature a number of towers with unique characteristics and forms, ranging from cascading green terraces to a lattice of sky gardens. The structures are aimed at reducing the ecological footprint of the district through careful site placement, and sustainable engineering systems.

    Due to water management issues around the world, One Bangkok incorporates greenspace and permeable materials that function to reduce runoff and facilitate absorption to replenish groundwater sources. In fact, a centralized energy and water management system has been included in the vertical village project to enhance the efficiency of water usage.

    According to Aas Architecture, One Bangkok is the first development project in Thailand to target LEED Platinum certification for Neighborhood Development, that focuses on architecture and landscape responding to tropical climate. The vertical village project is expected to come to completion in 2025.

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