Floating Architecture: The New Trend No One Told You About

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    Architecture Architecture Mar 27, 2017 06:02 PM EDT


    Floating architecture----this trending structure is the latest innovative combination of design and engineering. Now, even the waters is not a limitation for architects. Check out the most stunning examples of this rave now.

    In a report by Stuff, it shared some of the best floating architectures in the world. From Rotterdam's Nieuwe Mass River to Seattle's Lake Union, all of them are exemplary made to magnificently stand out in the depths of the water.

    The first floating architecture is the Floating Pavilion which was designed by DeltaSync and Public Domain Architecten. It's a unique venue for different social gatherings.

    The main feature of the floating architecture is its "climate proof eye candy" and "sustainable technology." It was achieved through the use of slabs of expanded polystyrene foam (EPS). The other materials are prefabricated but also made to withstand the water element.

    The floating house is the next cutting edge trend of living in the waters. It is designed by MOS Architects as part of master plan. At the moment, the floating architecture is in Lake Huron. Its buoyancy comes from a steel pontoon made for it.

    On the other hand, Architectural Digest also gave way for some additional floating structures. Each of them is creatively made for different intents.

    Archipelago Cinema is the floating architecture that serves as a movie theater in Thailand's Kudu Island. It has two separated platforms which are the screens and the seating section. The guests will absolutely enjoy any film while surrounded by nature's beauty with it.

    Waterwoningen designed by Marlies Rohmer Architects and Planners is another stunning floating architecture work. It's actually a housing complex that's comprised of 75 homes. The individual homes are created with a concrete container, light timber-frame structure, and glass-plastic laths.

    Architecture is not anymore bounded by traditions. In essence, floating architecture will not surely be this only innovation in the coming. It will change the way people define structures and its uses.

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