Indian Bar Builds 250-Meter Long Maze Entrance To Avoid Closure

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    Architecture Architecture Apr 21, 2017 12:09 PM EDT


    A Supreme Court order in April has required numerous Indian bars, pubs and liquor outlets across India to be 500-meter away from state and national highways. The restriction has caused an Indian bar in North Paravoor to build a maze-like walkway to the entrance of the bar.

    The Aishwarya Bar located in North Paravoor, Kochi, has built a maze-like walkway to the entrance, about 250-metre-long, which theoretically makes it more than 500-meter away from the highway. By doing this, the Indian bar has managed to evade closure of business.

    While the invention has not exactly helped the court achieve its supposed goal, the Indian bar certainly is an amusing yet remarkable architectural interpretation of law seen in some time, according to Archinect. The 250-meter long maze, like the snaking lines normally seen at an amusement park, is a literal expansion of the number of feet one must traverse in order to reach the Indian bar's actual entrance.

    Since the Apr. 1 court order, many bars, pubs and liquor outlets across India has gone out of business. Like many other states, the law was especially caused an uproar among booze lovers in Kerala.

    However, there was an exception to the court order - only three-star hotels and above are allowed to serve liquor, according to India Times. To join the eligibility, most bars converted into beer and wine parlors, which were similarly forced to shut down following the order.

    "We have done nothing illegal. The plot behind the bar also belongs to the owner and we have constructed an extended way to reach the bar. Now it is 520 meters from the highway," Shiju P., the manager of Aishwarya bar said. "We are set to approach the circle inspector of excise with the new route map to authorize the reopening of the bar."

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