AGC Office By SAMYN And PARTNERS Has Come to Completion

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    Architecture Architecture Apr 18, 2017 02:36 PM EDT


    The Head Office of AGC Glass Europe has come to completion by SAMYN and PARTNERS. Situated in Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium, the AGC office building serves as a sustainable and timeless commercial workplace.

    The AGC office building follows the natural route of the N4 highway, and stands on stilts, floating above the rolling landscape, according to Arch Daily. Its orientation that induces a considerable amount of sunshine, allows automobile and pedestrian pathways enter from opposite ends of the route but meet together at the south of the building.

    The internal AGC office layout incorporates an excellent duality between compactness and layout of the workplace, which promotes a great balance of visual comfort and well-being. About 84 percent of workstations are positioned less than 4 meters from the walls, and about 95 percent enjoy an unobstructed outside view with 100 percent of meeting rooms having both these features.

    According to Design Boom, the floor deck covers up to 575 staff members. In fact, the flexible departmental organization at AGC office allows the interior design to keep pace with changes through open-plan areas, closed offices and even separate wings if deems necessary. This especially applies to restaurants and meeting spaces that can be divided by using movable, acoustic partition walls.

    Another important feature of the AGC office is the integration of the conference center that brings together all the meeting rooms that can be independently managed and are made available for other users than AGC. Each room is fitted with audiovisual equipment and enjoys natural light and outdoor views.

    Meanwhile, the restaurant stretches along the western elevation, with a lounge bar. Its complementing kitchen receives deliveries from a separate service lift and can cater simultaneously to the AGC office in the whole, including the restaurant, the conference center, and the gallery.

    A plus point to the uniqueness of the AGC office building is the use of glass-based products, such as vision glasses, LED glass, screen-printed glass, and photovoltaic panels. AGC products are similarly displayed as well as possible, making the building all the more a great sight to the landscape while serving a commercial use.

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