Garage Museum of Contemporary Art On Mission To Document All Of Russia’s Art

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    Art Art Apr 21, 2017 03:40 PM EDT


    The Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow paints the country's cultural landscape, by displaying art made throughout Russia. The museum's most recent initiative features the launch of Triennial of Russian Contemporary Art and a massive digital archive that will document the country's contemporary art.

    "Master Figure," is one remarkable work established by Kaliningrad's Dmitry Bulatov, an experiment explaining the augmented reality for the Triennial, according to Artnet. "Fidelity to Place," on the other hand, brings together artists like Anastasia Bogomolova, who uses photography and video performances to draw attention to Russia's forced labor history during the post-industrial Urals.

    "Art in Action" includes the ongoing performance 12-Hour Workday by the Shvemy Sewing Cooperative. The artist-members purpose to highlight the co-dependence of consumerism and hard labor conditions by working with sewing machines in the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art all day.

    The Garage Museum of Contemporary Art also commissioned works throughout Gorky Park For the "Street Morphology" section, according to Artsy. The section includes a monumental mural on an administrative building by Kirill Lebedev and a video-game projection by the ZLYE art group.

    Street art is an essential form of expression among Russian contemporary artists, a medium that will be given a longer life by the digital archive. About 68 artists of the inaugural Triennial, with another 130 or more who didn't make the final cut, are a part of the core of the archive, which will live long on the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art site and will be updated continuously.

    "In the next few years you'll be able to sit anywhere and access those three archives," says the Chief Curator of Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Kate Fowle. "We're basically trying to make a history of Russian contemporary art, because there are so many art objects that might have disappeared or are less available."

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