Bjarke Ingels, Starchitect Becomes The Subject Of A New Documentary

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    Architecture Architecture Apr 17, 2017 01:38 PM EDT


    Danish architect and BIG founder, Bjarke Ingels, has released the trailer for his new documentary, featuring himself. He has revealed the anxiety and pressure he is faced with in creating an "extraordinary" architecture in the eight-episode documentary series.

    Entitled BIG Time, the feature-length documentary follows the intricate journey of the 42-year-old architect from boardroom to building site as Ingels visits some of the firm's in-construction projects. According to Apartment Therapy, the documentary will debut at the Copenhagen Architecture Festival in early May.

    Some of Ingels' works featured in the documentary are Via 57 West "court scraper" in New York, Mountain Dwellings housing and the Danish Maritime Museum in Copenhagen. Ingels, when asked about his drive for innovation, says that he wants to see abstract ideas become a concrete reality.

    "There are some expectations that if we create something for the World Trade Center," Ingels says, according to Dezeen. "Then of course it has to be something extraordinary and I feel anxious about it because now we have to move fast."

    The trailer includes ominous flashes of brain scans, which revealed belongs to Ingels. He has suffered a concussion during the course of the documentary's filming and is filmed as he undergoes a brain scan for his concussion.

    "Life is probably progressive rather than proportional. If this is where I suddenly become unable to contribute meaningfully you almost just lie down and wait for everything to be over." Apparently, Ingels was also featured in a recent Netflix documentary, whereby he discusses how his "crazy ideas" have revolutionized the general public's perception of architecture.

    Ingels' firm has recently launched its own in-house engineering team, BIG Engineering to make turn more technical projects a reality. Apart from the documentary, the team is currently working on a ying-and-yang-shaped panda house for Copenhagen Zoo and a headquarters for Google in California.

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