Furniture Collection Designed Using 3D Landscape Paintings

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    Design Design Apr 21, 2017 05:29 PM EDT


    Artist and designer Fernando Mastrangelo have come up with a new furniture collection, entitled the Escape Collection. It features pieces of modern furniture covered with three-dimensional landscape paintings.

    The Brooklyn artist has used three materials for each piece of furniture, according to the Contemporist. Silica is primarily used to compose foreground for the furniture collection; hand-dyed sand to paint earth and distant mountain layers; and Crystalline, a translucent powdered glass that paints the skies and water.

    The intricate pieces included in the furniture collection are coffee table, bench, desk, bookshelf, drum stools, and mirrors - all painted with layers of material. Each piece resembles a three-dimensional landscape painting wrapped in simplicity, yet with abstract geometric forms of seamless gradients, tones and textures.

    These forms are purposed to reflect the abstraction of earth and nature. Uneven striations are built up to resemble abstract scenes of mountain ranges, water, and skies across the flat and curved surfaces of each piece in the furniture collection.

    Mastrangelo have used lighter tones like peach, lilac, and pale blue to accentuate the shape of the furniture. But the palette he primarily picked for the Escape furniture collection is bolder and darker, accompanying contrast of bright blue and pink against the darker shades.

    "Anyone familiar with Fernando's work knows that it is not defined by any particular style, but rather a language that extends into eclectic and varied works spanning art, design, and architecture," the gallery said. Mastrangelo's skill in harmonizing all three materials to create the landscape effects has brought different qualities to the patterns, making the furniture collection all the more intriguing.

    The furniture collection has gained much attention at the Spazio Rossana Orlandi during the Milan design week, according to Dezeen. It has continued to go on display at Maison Gerard in Greenwich Village.

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