Spiral Wood Shavings, U.K. Based Woodworker Creates Fibonacci

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    Design Design Apr 21, 2017 11:57 AM EDT


    Woodworker Paul Sellers has uploaded a video of creating spiral wood shavings with a chisel. The shavings create Fibonacci, golden spirals, full of beauty and math.

    The golden spiral wood shavings are a geometry refresher to the world of woodworks, according to the Apartment Therapy. It is a logarithmic spiral with growth factor φ, representing the golden ratio.

    A golden spiral grows bigger by a factor of φ for every quarter turn it makes, moving further from its origin. In fact, the U.K. based woodworker explained in a blog post last month that he developed a numerical sequence to create the spiral wood shavings.

    To create the spiral wood shavings, he provided a formula that can be used as potential mathematical considerations and something that somewhat mathematicians would enjoy as a reality in their work. But the formula stands out in the sense that it also occurs naturally in elements of nature.

    The nautilus shell is a good example of the numerical sequence appearing in nature. The natural numbering system that inspired the spiral wood shavings is commonly found in the arrangement of plant leaves, pineapple cones, pine cones, and rose petal arrangements amongst many others.

    The violin range of instruments that contain scroll similarly relies on the system, according to the post. If that makes sense, it would also explain why Sellers' spiral wood shavings project, does not fully resemble a Fibonacci sequence, and rather puts together the art of woodworking with the art of video craft.

    Paul Sellers, the creator of the spiral wood shavings is considered one of the well-known woodworking teachers in the world. His Youtube channel that portrays woodworking is one the widely subscribed UK woodworking channel.

    Aside from the spiral wood shaving projects, and other similar big cabinet-making projects, Sellers has designed many smaller projects. In fact, he takes on the challenge of creating unusual woodworking projects such as building a cello with his son during his free time.

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