David Chipperfield Commissioned to Redesign Selfridges

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    Architecture Architecture Jun 11, 2014 05:22 AM EDT


    Selfridges has commissioned David Chipperfield to overhaul its flagship store located at Oxford Street, London.

    David Chipperfield will be working on the east side of the store and will double the size of the department store’s accessories department which is a part of a £300 million investment.

    According to the company, they aim to have the world’s largest accessories retail department with its 4600 square meter floor space which will be located on the ground floor. The redesigned part of the store will combine both men and women’s accessories section.

    The renovation will also pave way to adding a double height entrance on Duke Street which is perpendicular to the east side of the building on Oxford Street.

    Chipperfield said, “Since its inception, Selfridges has been a company renowned for architectural innovation and excellence. To be involved with the major redesign of its landmark flagship store on Oxford Street is therefore both a challenge and a fantastic opportunity to contribute to its future.”

    The Selfridges department store bears a Beaux-Arts design which was originally built by Daniel Burnham in 1909. Burnham was also responsible for the design of the Flatiron Building in New York.

    Anne Pitcher, Selfridges managing director, said that the redesign is the next step in their journey to “realise the full architectural and retail potential of Selfridges”. The company aims to continuously surprise, amaze and amuse their clientele for the years and decades to come.

    According to the plan, the redevelopment work is estimated to be completed within five years. The first phase of the project is set to start at the end of June this year.

    Aside from Selfridges, David Chipperfield has also won the commission to design a new home for the Nobel Prize in London. He is also on the shortlist of architects who will be overseeing the rebuilding of the Crystal Palace in London which was originally designed by John Paxton.

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