French Artist Reshapes Natural Waterfall With Art Installation

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    Art Art Aug 18, 2014 09:46 AM EDT


    It is not uncommon for artists to seek inspiration in nature or to simply use land as a project installation, but artist Laurent Gongora took sculpture concepts to new heights.

    Gongora, a French installation artist, captured the beauty of France's Cascade de Vaucoux by giving the waterfall new shape with a geometric system of steel roofs to manipulate the water's dropping.

    When viewing the installation, it takes a few eye scans to grasp the manipulation of the waterfall, as it easily creates an illusion. What is surprising enough about the first waterfall being used as a canvas is that the project was completed nearly two years ago, but is just now gaining a large presence on the Internet.

    According to Huffington Post, Gongora explained, "Halfway between a step cascade and a school game, the installation tries to challenge the natural way of the waterfall."  

    This piece, known as Les Cascadeurs, can be translated into "stuntmen" to express the challenges the team had with these steel structures onto the rock, under high volume water. The process included 24 sheet steel roofs that are placed onto a frame foundation and shaped into a diamond at a height of 8 meters, to complete the artist's vision of this nature art. 

    Next time you visit France, seek this unique sculpture in the Massif Central region for new visual landscape inspiration.

    For more of Laurent Gongoras impressive work, visit her website

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