World Architecture Festival Manifesto Launched, Event Open For Entries

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    Architecture Architecture Feb 23, 2017 06:40 AM EST


    The World Architecture Festival (WAF) Manifesto has been launched for the 2017 World Architecture Festival awards. This event is referred to as the "Oscars in architecture" and is the 10th edition of the said event.

    According to arch daily, the WAF Manifesto is set to identify challenges in the field for the next ten years. This manifest has a range of topics that architects can use in order to influence people in what they do. The goal is to generate funds for architectural research.

    The WAF Manifesto indicates specific challenges that architects may face in the future. These are climate, energy and carbon, water and ageing and health. Aside from these challenges there are still more that are outlined in the manifesto. These other challenges include re-use, smart city technology, building technology and cultural identity.

    Other challenges still included in the WAF Manifesto are ethics and values, power and justice and virtual worlds. WAF is hoping that there would be more funding in universities for these challenges once these issues are identified.

    In the meantime, the entries are open for the 2017 World Architecture Festival awards. There are 30 categories that practitioners and professionals can submit to. The categories are then divided into groups like building, landscape and future projects, according to Architecture Now.

    The early ones who will submit the entries can already do so on April 27. The final deadline will be on May 18 and the ones to be shortlisted will be announced in July. The finalists for the said festival will present their work during the WAF 2017 awards in Berlin happening from Nov. 15 to 17.

    Entrants that present exemplary project will be given special awards during the WAF 2017. This may mean that there may be more presentation than just from the entry itself. These special winners will also be able to exhibit their work on the tenth anniversary exhibition including the past winners.

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