Apple Collaborates With Nike To Make Exclusive Bone Colored Smartwatch

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    Design Design Apr 25, 2017 04:46 PM EDT


    It is very rare for people to see two large companies collaborate with one another to create something. It is even more surprising when the two companies operate in completely different markets. However this recently became true when Apple collaborated with Nike to create a smartwatch.

    According to Digit, the two companies got together and created the Apple Watch NikeLab. The watch itself is grey colored and is Apple's Watch Series 2 model and the band is very unique. The band shows off a color imitating the spectra of bone on one side along with pure black on the other.

    These are all very neutral colors according to Kashmir Monitor, which makes the watch desirable for any demographic that may be interested in it. It will of course be a water resistant watch and will feature two sizes of 38 mm as well as 42 mm.

    The watch features a logo of both the brands side by side. At the back of the strap there is the Apple logo and on the side of it there is also the NikeLab Innovation logo on the side of it. The watch runs the infamous Watch OS 3 and the band will usually come with the Apple Watch.

    However only recently Nike has started to sell some of the bands individually considering that some people may already have the Apple Watch and may just need the NikeLab band only. Therefore rather than those people buying the entire watch these people only have to buy the band.

    All in all the strap itself is very unique. It has an abstract sense of a shape, multiple colors to it, and apart from all that there are also some unique holes and shapes to the strap which makes it unlike any other Apple Watch strap seen before. This was a very successful collaboration and future ones may be seen too.

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