Snohetta's Design for French Laundry's Startling $10M Kitchen: Minimalist Interior Trend in Spotlight

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    Interiors Interiors Feb 23, 2017 09:02 AM EST


    French Laundry's kitchen has just been turned into a $10 million ultramodern recreation. Partnering with Snohetta Design, the two transformed the once modest cookery with a minimalist interior trend. In here are more interesting details regarding the massive change, find out how the new scheme made it all better.

    In a prior report by Design Times, it highlighted on the four 2017 interior design to look out today. One of them is the minimalist scheme that is currently the most. It focuses on keeping only the most necessary things for the place, through that it creates more functionality.

    In relation to the top interior trend, SFChronicle shared how French Laundry used minimalist ideas to change the look of its kitchen. In the beginning, Chef Thomas Keller only wanted to remodel the wine cellar although after collaborating with Snohetta Design the whole kitchen got $10million renovation instead.

    The French Laundry just served its soft opening last February 18, though the overall landscape of the revamp isn't done yet. Keller and Snohetta concentrated on getting more function in the space; they took away the walk-in refrigerators, low counters, and others that would get in the way of the staff.

    To take note, the whole process of remodeling the kitchen through the minimalist approach went into a rigorous research made by Snohetta in the French Laundry itself. Now, the kitchen can surely serve its guests better through the bigger and better place.

    In another report by Archinect, it said that the guests can also see now what's going on inside the kitchen through the glass windows. It's included with $10 million remodeling that Snohetta and Chef Keller planned.

    The visitors are ensured that French Laundry is gearing for a better direction, its food and service just got finer because of the recent renovation. Lastly, everyone will definitely feel the changes as the minimalist interior scheme takes over the kitchen.

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