Daydream Infinity-Themed Lounge Chair Is A Must See

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    Design Design Feb 24, 2017 12:03 PM EST


    Joynout has recently changed the how lounge chairs are made. The firm's latest product, Daydream, was just launched and people are going crazy about it now. The furniture allows the user to ultimately achieve the relaxation he needs through the infinity symbol theme. Find out here all the details regarding this amazing masterpiece.

    For the name of the lounge chair, Joynout got it from how people love to daydream. Dreaming about happy thoughts and pleasant things makes wonder to one's mental and physical aspect. This is what the design studio wants its users to experience again.

    According to Joynout official website, Assaf Israel spearheaded the revolutionary innovation of Daydream. He used wood, metal, and Kvadrat fabrics materials on the lounge chair. Whereas the infinity symbol was also used as the product's theme, the cross design actually came from it.

    On Daydream's product description, it said that the designer's main aim is to provide its users the best mental and physical relaxation they all need. Sometimes, people totally forget how it is to give time for themselves with the help of the chair; they can hopefully be reminded how important it is.

    On the other hand, Homecrux also shared some important notes regarding the Joynout's impressive Daydream. It said that the inclined design makes wonder for the user's body, the two interconnected panels hold the body in the comfiest way possible for a chair.

    Daydream can be used while reading a book, watching a TV, playing computer games, and much more. While it can also be put anywhere in the house even outside, it's really perfect for those who just want to get a quick R&R.

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