Peugeot Design Lab to Introduce Volcanic Furniture Collection at Milan Design Week

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    Design Design Apr 09, 2014 07:28 AM EDT


    Peugeot Design Lab will be launching their debut of their furniture collection during Milan Design Week. The said collection includes a sofa made from volcanic rock.

    The sofa, named Onyx, is a three-meter long seat from carbon fiber and Volvic volcanic lava stone. This will be the first furniture item from the Peugeot’s collection of made-to-measure interiors concept. The debut will be held in Tortona, which is Milan’s creative city district.

    The newest sofa creation is a follow-up to the group’s release of the Onyx Trio in 2012. Onyx trio is comprised of a supercar, a superbike and a supertrike which combined raw materials with innovative technologyPeugeot Styling Director Gille Vidal said, "At Milan, with the Onyx sofa, we are drawing a thread between the ONYX concept car, an alliance of efficiency and the use of audacious and natural materials, and the ONYX sofa.”"By means of a sharp straight cut, this contrast is powerful, voluntary and assumed in the way we look at the materials and how they are used: the high-tech carbon fiber with its very structured and technical texture, its shapes precisely adjusted to the volcanic stone with its texture and fault lines, perfectly adjusted in its dimensions and proportions, but with which one accepts not being in complete control, like the stonemason's random chisel marks."

    Along with the Onyx sofa is a collection of armchairs, tables, shelves and lamps will be on display during the group’s Milan Design Week exhibition. All pieces demonstrate innovative use of materials ranging from concrete, steel, aluminum, quartz crystal, red ferrous Jasper, and sculpted wood.The Onyx sofa is priced at €135,000. Clients call also request for a price quotation for other material combinations.

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