Check Out This Cube-like Room Inside a Room

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    Interiors Interiors Mar 01, 2017 07:32 AM EST


    Innovation is always the best solution when working with modern architecture and design and this cube-like room inside a room is something odd but practical. Check out what inspired this idea, and the reason why one decided to put a room inside another room.

    The writers at Design Milk showed their readers the peculiar cube-like room inside a room that looks pretty cool the longer you look at it. One of the reasons why there is a cube-like room located just inside another room is the unfortunate lack of space of some of the modern architecture and places to live in especially when you're located in the metropolis.

    Because of the lack of space, others resulted to looking for innovative ways to make use of the space available and one such way is adding a cube-like room inside a room. The idea first sprung up due to the help of a design team belonging to Nils Holger Moormann, a German designer. They named their small architectural design as Kammerspiel that means little theater.

    In their site, Moormann and his team focuses on the design aesthetics with the theme "Living in small spaces," thus creating this cube-like room and placing them inside an otherwise bigger room. They decided to make use of the space by properly organizing what should be located outside the cube-like room and what should be inside the cube-like room.

    They made sure that private activities such as changing clothes and exercising proper hygiene are inside the cube-like room. The outer parts of it focuses on other activities such as sleeping, reading, working, eating, and other activities that do not need much privacy.

     If you are wondering whether the cube-like room consumes or occupies a lot of space, fret not. The room is perfectly useful since the areas around it utilize whatever it can just to accommodate more space and not be an obstacle. For instance, there are small stairs for the users to climb to the top to enjoy a bed or a small reading nook. Other sides of the cube-like room contain drawers, shelves, and racks that can help maximize the space. Moormann also added that Kammerspiel is customizable to fit the lifestyle of every individual since they respect each have their differences.

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