Document Leak May Have Shown Apple's Secret Augmented Reality Glasses

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    Events Events Apr 24, 2017 10:28 AM EDT


    Whenever something is leaked it is usually exciting because it shows some light on future projects which were meant to be a surprise. Recent news reveal that a leak has recently shed light on what Apple is working on, and it is quite eye opening.

    App Advice did a cover on this where they said that someone in Apple was sending an email to someone else listing out all the different injuries that ocurred on the campus to Apple Employees. However they accidentally sent that report to hundreds of employees.

    This spread the information and it was eventually leaked online. This list featured accidents which were mostly vague but two of them caught the eye of everyone. Two of these studies was showing that there were test subjects who were reporting eye pain.

    According to 9To5Mac, this eye pain was due to the testing done by a prototype which revolved around none other than augmented reality. Augmented reality is the future of technology where real life and virtual reality are mixed together through a lens and a screen.

    This is shown by smartphones while they play Pokemon Go. However these come in glasses form as well such as the Micrsofoft Hololens. This now means that Apple itself is testing something along the lines of Augmented Reality.

    Although this is nowhere near completion or even official announcement, it is exciting to know that Apple is working on Augmented Reality because Apple always makes unique designs, and a device like that from them could prove to be ground breaking.

    Apple could possibly implement this augmented reality into a pair of glasses which works directly with people's iPhones and this could create a two way camera where the lens from the phone and the lens from the goggles could work together for better depth and make an outstanding new design.

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