Apple Welcomes Employees With Stunning Drone Footage Of Apple Park

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    Architecture Architecture Apr 24, 2017 08:59 AM EDT


    Apple is moving offices. Recent reports have been coming in that they are doing a lot of extra innovative thinking on this one. They are going the extra mile for its employees and introducing them to what is now called the apple park.

    Apple Park is the name given to the giant structure Apple picked as their new office. According to Dezeen, Matthew Roberts used a high definition drone camera to capture the surrounding infrastructure of the entire park.

    Apart from the huge looking stadium called the Apple Park, they are also buying all the trees that they can. Sources say that they're buying 175 acres of a stretch of land of native trees from Santa Clara all the way to the pacific coast.

    No one knows for sure but according to sources there is a lot of competition going on for the foliage these days and Apple wants to take part. Apple has actually taken the lead in the competition and purchased most of the foliage anyway. According to sources it will be beautifully designed and used.

    One of its uses Pedro said, is to be as a walking and jogging path for its employees. It is also good that Apple is taking part in preserving the flora and fauna. The project also features a giant parking lot covered in huge solar panels. This is great for saving energy as well.

    Finally a 1000 seat auditorium is seen which will be named after Steve Jobs himself since it was his idea in 2009. All in all the new Apple Park looks amazing. It looks like something that came just out of the future and something which will probably have a lot of secrets hidden inside of it. All one can do now as wait and see when it opens and discover for themselves what it holds.

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