Contemporary VS Modern: Defining Interior Design Style Differences through a Café Dripping with Chocolate & Milk

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    Interiors Interiors Mar 03, 2017 11:23 AM EST


    People often loosely use "modern" and "contemporary" as one yet in interior designing they have a wide difference. Hence, here is an enlightening discussion of their difference with the help of Chocolate Bar and its dripping dark chocolate and milk.

    To begin, it's better first to get a view of what is modern and contemporary interior design. According to Homedit, they actually have a range of differences most people don't know. It's not only about décor and colors.

    Modern interior design refers to ranges mid-century, industrial, nautical, urban modern, shabby chic, farmhouse, Scandinavian, and Bohemian styles. Each is a mix of minimalist, glamor, nature-inspired, vibrant colors, and vintage looks.

    Whereas contemporary interior design is all about the "current in," where the style is comfortable and fresh. In achieving this color, furniture, line, and space defined well.

    On Chocolate Bars' instance, Bro. Kat contemporarily fitted it. it's the best example to further explain its variation with the modern style. The cafe is visually described what sets the two apart. 

    The interior design of Chocolate Bar is a wall of chocolate blobs and hanging milk droplets. Its bar, kitchen, utility room and toilet were like a big chunk of chocolate.

    Chocolate Bar's contemporary design characteristics of bold statement and bareness speak widely its contrast with modern interior. It stayed away with the mix of color, style, and accessory. Hence, its chocolate and milk dripping focus showed well.

    To end, it's really easy to understand modern and contemporary interior designs. One should only know what to look at and the Chocolate Bar is a good example of it.

    More examples of the designs:

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