Hollywood Regency Interior Design Style: How To Get The Look

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    Interiors Interiors Mar 03, 2017 03:12 AM EST


    Hollywood Regency never goes out of style! Here are the roundups of amazing ideas on how to get the timeless "Golden Era" glamor. Check it out now and turn any space into a film-like setting.

    According to Apartment Therapy, Hollywood Regency design style is a visual reward everyone should experience. When it started in the 20's, people were really into luxury. They loved anything sensually rich items that border on minimalism too.

    To get the Hollywood Regency look, start looking for decor that is color bold, glitzy and opulent. With the descriptions, customization is also an important part of the style.

    In an example of the best Hollywood Regency items are luxe velvet curtain, vintage brass cart, velour chaise lounge and tufted velvet bench. All the items are on the Apartment Therapy site and they are really perfect additions for the opted design.

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    On the other hand, HGTV also shared really nice tips to apply the suggested Hollywood Regency items. First, don't spare for anything lacquer! Grab spray paints and splash sparkly colors on the room. Use of brass is also a great material to balance the look.

    "Velvet drapes, silk lampshades, and thick carpets," impress everyone with these Hollywood Regency items. To take note, the decors must satisfy one's senses to qualify. As it should speak elegance, it must be flash and chic too.

    As Hollywood Regency borders on glamor and glitz, don't forget that it's all about the feeling. Everything should fade in the background and only the ambiance should be left.

    For the reason above, minimalist styling is also part of Hollywood Regency design. Each should join to create the feeling of luxury. Hence, bankroll vintage items. It's costly but it surely pays off at the end. If the budget is really tight, DIY projects are also good for this.

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