Xenophobia, Discrimination & Racism: The Reasons Why US Wall Border Must Not Materialize

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    Architecture Architecture Mar 06, 2017 10:36 AM EST


    The Architecture Lobby strongly believes that the main reason for the US-Mexico Border Wall is bigotry, and it's largely out-of-the-way for the tradition of architecture it upholds. It now seeks the help of all engineers and architects across the US. 

    On March 10, a massive 45-minute "walkout" will possibly happen. This is in response to the Architecture Lobby's call for action. It called for its fellow companies to give time to voice out their dismay.

    According to Archpaper, the Architecture Lobby is known for its advocacy towards the "value of architecture in the general public." It is also said that the planned US Wall border will only misuse architecture for Trump's narrow-mindedness.

    "Xenophobia, discrimination, and racism" these are the reasons why the Architecture Lobby heavily opposes the border wall. Its belief is that architecture will not be a use for this because the field's fundamental root is to provide structure to the public for its betterment.

    If the US-Mexican Border Wall will materialize, more innocent people will be doomed. The immigrants who normally cross it are those suffered from gang abuse, poverty, and many other reasons. They instead take a chance of getting arrested and imprisoned than stay in their place.

    As stated by the New York Times, President Donald Trump's discrimination towards the Hispanic community is unfounded. At the moment, they are as functional as the rest of the "natives" he protects.

    On the same report, it said that an actually tightened law would be much better. This is also the Architecture Lobby's same sentiment; moreover, it also requested those who will join to further send other suggested solutions than it.

    Lastly, the Architecture Lobby believes that it's the "walkout" shouldn't be the last to voice out their concern. Through the possible other answers, the border might be transformed instead to an architecture in line with their ethics.

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