Do It Yourself Inspiration: Find Out How To Connect Phones To Car Stereos, Create Custom Sunglasses & More

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    Interiors Interiors Mar 06, 2017 10:47 AM EST


    Do-It-Yourself inspiration comes from within, so a little bit of time and patience can go a long way in saving a lot of money in hardware expenditures. Some DIY methods look intimidating at first specially for people who are just starting to get the hang of it.

    But for those who have done it before, it's definitely satisfying for them to see the results of their handiwork. Of course, a more conveniently created DIY tutorial can easily tap into a person's Do-It-Yourself inspiration.

    According to Core77, there's already some tutorials that show how actions speak louder than words. For example, not all of us have cars that are capable of connecting with our smartphones.

    Fortunately, Laura Kampf has come up with a tutorial that would surely awaken anyone's Do-It-yourself inspiration. This involves installing a Bluetooth receiver to any vehicle in order to play smartphone tunes through the car's speakers.

    What makes this tutorial more convenient is that it shows the whole installation process without the need for words. All the necessary steps are conveniently shown in the video, minus the cumbersome and head-numbing explanation that goes with the process.

    For those looking to make a fashion statement, there's a DIY tutorial by Bob Clagett that can help in doing just that. Clagett shows a proper step-by-step procedure in creating wooden sunglasses out of the market's most coveted frame designs.

    A little bit of Do-It-Yourself inspiration not only saves cash, it can even help start a business. According to WVECTV, there's already a car repair service that aids customers in repairing their cars themselves.

    Of course, with a bit of guidance from expert mechanics who have all the tools needed for the customer to fix their own car. The time invested in learning these DIY tutorials help ensure that we can handle things by ourselves when the situation arises.

    There are certain times where we'd want to get things done to fix or improve our personal vehicles, furniture or gadget devices. However, we can't expect to always find readily-available help to attend to our hardware needs.

    With that being said, with a little DIY knowledge, we can always rely on ourselves to fix things that need our attention. Sometimes, what starts as a Do-it-Yourself inspiration could end up creating a good start-up business.

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