‘Hooked On the Past”: Spanish Architect David Romero Revisits the Past with Architecture

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    Architecture Architecture Mar 07, 2017 02:15 AM EST


    David Romero, a Spanish Architect, is currently exploring history with architecture in "Hooked on the Past." In essence, his efforts to preserve iconic structures have reached technology as well. With the use of 3D Visualization method, he reimagines the way they should be.

    In Hooked on the Past official Website, David Romero shared all his latest innovative works. Starting from Pauson House Panoramas to the latest Larkin Administration Building, his dedication to bring back the glory of the structures is amazingly depicted.

    "Hooked on the Past" project plans to depict the beauty and grandeur of old buildings. Through the revolutionary use of visualization technique, Romero wants to revive the most historical buildings. He plans to further expand it in the future.

    On Frank Lloyd Wright's Trinity Chapel in Norman, the Spanish Architect made use of AutoCad, 3dsMax, and Vray to recapture the forgotten building. Through the 3D technology, all the nooks and crannies of place are detailed. Romero's "Hooked on the Past" made it live again.

    According to Architectural Digest, David Romero takes in unfinished or broken-down designs then he digitally progresses it with the 3D technology. According to him, it all started with his dismay on the poor use of it. He believes that his "Hooked on the Past" research will only be the beginning of the progressive idea.

    "The poor protection that exists in buildings built during the 20th century, no matter what their artistic value is, is a big problem," Romero stated about "Hooked on the Past." "My project tries to change this situation, but how to make it economically viable is a challenge," he continued.

    David calls now the attention of other 3D technology enthusiasts to help him out in his "Hooked on the Past" project. The recent attention he garnered will surely give it more noise. Though, the beauty of his restorations actually speaks loudly than them.

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