Frugal Framing Art Ideas: How to Effectively Recycle Or Restore Frames [VIDEO]

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    Interiors Interiors Mar 08, 2017 11:12 AM EST


    Framing art has been a staple wall decor yet its pricey cost makes it harder to get around today. Hence, here are the most affordable "framing" ideas to follow. There's no reason not to get on the trend now.

    According to Huffington Post's prior report, the help of a custom framer is really helpful in achieving a frame art's best style. Though, it's really costly to get from one. Here comes the saving grace of DIY framing! Take a look at the ideas below to get started.

    Looking for quality frames is the beginning of anyone's journey in framing art world. Most of this is available at any thrift store or flea market.

    Some vintage frames might also be found anywhere so take a look closely. After just make sure that it has a glass and it's sturdy before buying.

    Another way of revamping a frame is through its mat board. It's just usually a white sheet but using other materials such as magazine clippings, gift wraps, and other stuff is another alternative.

    In addition, Apartment Therapy also suggested some really inexpensive recycling framing art ideas. Here it mainly talks about quick and easy steps to get on with just spray paints and wrapping papers.

    Refreshing an old frame through mattifying is a charm. How to do it? Just place a base paint then sand it. Then place the second coat and layer it with décor clear wax for sealing. 

    Another way of restoring an unused frame is through painting it in half. It will surely make it trendier for any room. 

    On the whole, the wall art is ready now after everything. It's really easy and quick to get into the framing art trend. There's no actually nothing to stop anyone who wants it, especially about costly frames.

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