Small Apartment In Sydney Designed With Creative Storage Solutions

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    Interiors Interiors Apr 24, 2017 10:58 AM EDT


    Architect Prineas have designed a small apartment in Sydney, Australia, with creative storage solutions. The interior that measures in at 236 square feet is designed as a short-stay boutique accommodation.

    Visitors walking into the small apartment would make a straight entry into the small area of the kitchen. The cabinets enwrapped in matte black stand out in the space, while a mirrored backsplash helps make the space appear larger.

    Moving on to the other parts of the small apartment, both the living area and the sleeping area is housed in the main room. The area includes a custom designed platform comprising of an entertainment unit and open shelving at the end of the bed.

    There's a mirror on the wall, right opposite, which again serves the purpose of making the room feel larger, like many other areas of the small apartment. The side of the couch houses a vertical cabinet that has a fold-out ironing board.

    The custom platform that the bed sits on also includes some additional storage, according to Contemporist. In fact, there are multiple pull-out drawers under the bed that accommodate sufficient space for additional bedding and pillows. More hidden storage spaces are found at the top of the steps of the small apartment, perfect for a small suitcase.

    Some walls of the small apartment are left white, while others are made from a lime-washed plywood that adds a touch of warmth to the space. This is because the apartment has original Art Deco touches, which includes floating black cabinets and curved mirrors beside each side of the bed - a throw-back to the art-deco era.

    One of the highlights of the small apartment is the walk-in shower surrounded by glass. Despite the simplicity, the white tiles and wood elements construing the bathroom, intentionally provides privacy without restraining too much light from the window.

    The award-winning design studio that has designed the small apartment is based in Australia. Architect Prineas is often involved in reinvention and enhancement projects, especially for residential demands.

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