Wine cellar in-house is the new center of attraction

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    Interiors Interiors Mar 10, 2017 10:39 AM EST


    A wine cellar is a storage room for wine bottles or barrels, wherein climate control is an important factor here. The above ground wine cellar is usually called wine room, whereas small cellar of fewer than 500 bottles is termed as wine closet. Nowadays, wine cellars are becoming a very demanding trend. Not only in the rich and famous, but also for everyone, it has become a center of attraction.

    So a question may pop up in the head, that why a wine cellar in a home has become so popular? According to Harkraft, the reasons are- we can save money with it, we can choice right bottle for the right occasion. Also, while building the wine collection we can become expert of many varieties. Another reason can be a higher resale value of the home for the most happening design. Other causes are- having pleasure, selling wine in profit or improved wine collection etc.

    According to Decanter, Spiral Cellars, one of the best wine cellar companies, wine rooms or closets are now luxury design trend for wine connoisseurs. Sales rise from $1million to $5 million and it's expected to grow more.Lucy Hargreaves, MD, and owner of Spiral Cellars stated that- as people want to show their collection more, making this wine rooms have become advantageous for them.  

    The spiral is now famous for designing compact wine cellar in any places like- living rooms, kitchen, garage etc.Lucy also proposed that to making it more lucrative clients are getting more inspired to travel, collect, drink and trading wines. It has become a tradition for 21st century Britain's avid wine collectors.

    Home is now an entertainment space and this entertaining design rate starts at around $30,000 for typical wine room. Wine cellar designed by Spiral Cellar, containing 1000 bottles, price starts from over $19,000. Wine walls cost around $20,000-$25000. They also make combination room for innovating designs.

    So anyone who enjoys and takes wine seriously, wine cellar in a home is a worthwhile investment. It's classy, demanding and simply a dedicated idea of storing wine for enjoying later.

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