Micro Dwelling: The True Meaning of 'Tiny House Movement'

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    Architecture Architecture Mar 13, 2017 10:50 AM EDT


    Most people live in tower blocks today. Though, living in one is just too complicated. Micro Dwelling is the architects and designers answer to the case. It's the result of the growing "Tiny House Movement" that favors living in simpler and small spaces.

    "Tiny House Movement" is an architectural and social advancement now that seeks to give better living options for many. There are no actual guidelines to determine what a small home should be. As long as it's below 50 square meters, it is considerable already as a micro dwelling.

    In a description given by Herschel Supply, the micro dwelling is the result of high-density living that adopted the features of modern storage and decluttering system, multifunctional furniture, minimalist interior and modular construction. It's the new evolution of "tiny house movement."

    For the storage in a micro dwelling, all nook must be strategically maximized. A mezzanine-styled bedroom with a kitchenette or a closet under is the best example of it.

    The micro dwelling's decluttering practice, multipurpose fitting, and minimalist interior are also closely related to it. The space is just small so its spaces must only include little furniture. Thus, it should be flexible. With few things only, it keeps the home free from unnecessary things. It's just "useful and stylish."

    Modular construction is likewise a "Tiny House Movement" feature that's included with the micro dwelling. The pieces of the house are constructed in modules which aim to be more durable and adaptable.

    The micro dwelling is really a fast rising trend today. In fact, Curbed also reported some of the most excellent examples of it.

    From a Modern-styled tiny glass house to the DIY "Little Lou" house, the report shared amazing 10 micro-dwellings. Each is made differently for various reasons but they all share its five features. Make sure to see them all.

    More Micro Dwelling Homes From Instagram:

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