Great Interior Design Trends 2017 Shows How Less Can Translate Into More

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    Interiors Interiors Mar 13, 2017 10:46 AM EDT


    Great interior design trends 2017 doesn't always have to be about maximizing room space, instead, simplifying can achieve even better results. When it comes to filling up room space, home owners tend to over-decorate.

    While maximizing a room's functionality can be good, it doesn't always end up looking aesthetically appealing. Which is why home owners from around the globe are following minimalist yet stylish great interior design trends 2017 and on-wards.

    According to CBCNews, locals in Denmark are now going for a more simplistic yet stylish interior design they call Hygge. It is an art form that incorporates simplicity, not just in decorating interiors, but in an individual's way of life as well.

    The simplistic appeal of Hygge contributes to some of the great interior design trends this year so far. Another element of Hygge is bringing elements that are usually seen outdoors, into the household.

    While minimalism is already being touted as among the great interior design trends 2017 and beyond, Hygge takes this to the next level. Danes revel in the usage of candles in lieu of more traditional LED lighting.

    This not only makes up for some simple yet great interior design trends, it also creates a good and stylish atmosphere in homes. Designer Karla Dreyer explained that type of creativity in lighting can create "the feeling of coziness." At the same time, these great interior design trends can be light on the pockets, all while keeping interiors classy.

    According to Dmagazine, minimalist interior designs can be easy for both the eyes and on the mind. The source mentioned how great interior design trends that focus on minimalism, are taking over southwestern areas of the United States as well.

    These examples of minimalist interior design trends creates neat and subtle homes that stay classy and stylish without looking too bland and boring. Designer Dreyer added that coming up with a great interior design is about creating "meaningful designs" out of the things that we love seeing on a daily basis. The future of great interior design trends rely on form and functionality over maximizing quantity. 

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