iPhone 8 Release Could Lead To The Downfall Of Samsung's Flagship Galaxy S8

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    Technology Technology Mar 13, 2017 11:08 AM EDT


    The iPhone 8 release might lead to Apple's victory against its rival smartphone counterpart, the Samsung Galaxy S8. The Galaxy S8 shows lots of promise to consumers, specially with its innovative design.

    Samsung showcased the futuristic full-screen curved OLED display of the Galaxy S8. However, the Galaxy S8's best feature might not be enough to save it once we reach the iPhone 8 release date.

    According to Forbes, it's confirmed that the iPhone 8 won't be utilizing a curved display. Though the next iPhone will still feature an OLED display, albeit it's going to be a "flat implementation" of it.

    With that said, some still believe that the lack of flashy and innovative screen features isn't enough to ruin the iPhone 8 release. While the iPhone 8 features a more less-exciting and traditional screen, it's certainly the more accessible option compared to the Galaxy S8.

    As a matter of fact, the Apple's traditional design decision might even be its advantage over Samsung's more daring approach. According to CNBC, the iPhone 8 release could turn out to be more successful since it's "more attractive" to the consumers.

    While the Galaxy S8 stands out with its wide and curved screen, some don't think this design is quite practical. Some smartphone users might find it cumbersome to wrap their hands around a device that's mostly all-screen on the front.

    On the other hand, consumers already know what to expect with the iPhone 8 release. This means buyers won't need to adjust in using the iPhone 8, given its traditional design.

    As for the Samsung Galaxy S8, it would take some time to get used to its curved-design, which might frustrate some who have a hard time grasping the device. The people's familiarity of the iPhone 8's design just might be Apple's edge over Samsung.

    Regardless, we will find out how Apple fares against Samsung once we reach the iPhone 8 release. Of course, we can't count out the Samsung Galaxy S8 announcement, which will occur on March 29 at Samsung Unpacked, which takes place in New York City.

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