Web Design Trends 2017: This New Technology Might Alarm Aspiring Graphic Artists

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    Design Design Mar 14, 2017 12:24 PM EDT


    New web design trends 2017 are emerging with the creation of a new technology that might threaten current and aspiring website graphic artists. A web graphic designers work can be time-consuming and quite labor-intensive at times.

    This leads some companies to opt for a much simpler design on their website, to avoid big labor costs and to save time as well. However, Adobe has come up with something that might be a solution to a company's website dilemma.

    According to FastCompany, Adobe has combined their content manager platform, Adobe Experience Manager, together with their artificial intelligence software Sensei. This fusion was made in an attempt to create a program that can automate a website's design and aesthetic appeal, as well as its functionality.

    While these new web design trends 2017 might be perfect for companies, it might not be a good thing for graphic designers. Adobe's upcoming software might not be implemented in their existing applications yet, but once they do, it might threaten the careers of web designers and graphic artists.

    According to B2C, one of the game-changing web design trends 2017 is the use of artificial intelligence in websites. AI can efficiently aid websites by acting as chatbots that can attend to customers while the webmaster is away.

    The utilization of company chatbots alone can bring the employment rate for customer services, down a notch. While this will certainly save companies a lot of money, other online-based jobs might not prosper as much as before these AI advancements came into the picture.

    However, if everything in a website is managed by artificial intelligence, then there wouldn't be much use for web designers and graphic artists anymore. At this moment, Adobe is still in the testing-the-waters stage.

    Adobe will unveil their new AI software during their very own Sneaks competition later this March. Once new web design trends 2017 and beyond begin to focus on web design automation, it's certainly something that both companies and web designers should watch out for. 

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