Trump New Executive Order Border Wall Inspires Artwork That Encourages Engagement Instead Of Division

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    Art Art Mar 17, 2017 03:25 PM EDT


    The Trump new executive order border wall may be a controversial design, but an artist is using this wall as an inspiration for his latest work. Numerous vendors are already lining up in designing Trump's border wall.

    One artist opted not to design the wall, but rather use it as creative fuel for his very own art wall. The Trump new executive order wall design aims to keep people out, but using art as a medium can engage people instead.

    According to Art News, an artist residing in Los Angeles is using Trump's "beautiful wall" as the basis for abstract art wall. Originally hailing from Northern England, Thomas Houseago moved to America in hopes to establish his new home.

    Houseago already had a vision of what his next artwork would be like, something he calls the "round thing." However, speeches about the Trump new executive order border wall began to fill his mind.

    This led to Houseago to eventually give in and drop his "round thing" project, in pursuit of creating a wall instead. Houseago envisioned a wall that any type of viewer can appreciate. In addition, Houseago takes away the divisive nature of the Trump new executive order border wall by making his art interactive.

    Houseago came up with his artwork design piece he calls "Open Wall (Beautiful Wall)" with an emphasis on engagement in his mind. The wall itself is made of plaster and hemp, and it has openings that viewers can crawl into. Unlike the sturdy Trump new executive order wall, this wall is filled with holes, abstract shapes and artistic swirls.

    Houseago described his art as something that's asking the viewers to "become part of the performance." Meanwhile, the Trump new executive order border wall might not be made using bland-looking concrete after all.

    According to CNN, the Customs and Border Protection is considering using other materials and designs for the executive order border wall, other the originally planned concrete. In that case, then they should take cues from Houseago's work, and build a wall that's not just functional, but worth looking at as well.

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