This Instagram Account Explores The Beauty Of Circular Plans In Architecture

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    Articles Articles Mar 17, 2017 04:10 PM EDT


    The circle has been one of the most talked about geometric figure since ages. In fact, architecture has been a field where there has been a large-scale use of this figure. There have been several geometries who have evidently been obsessed with the idea of the circle. However, this idea of circular plans definitely is different.

    There is strangely an Instagram account that has been completely dedicated to the formation of circles and circular plans. Architects from the ancient times have been quite obsessed with several geometric forms. Nevertheless, according to Arch Daily, the circle happens to be the favorite of them all. If you take a closer look at the formations of some of the most important buildings around the globe, you do get an idea that the circle happens to be the prime center stage of them all.

    The Instagram account has been termed the Circular Spaces and contains the pictures of some of the most famous buildings and architectural formations. Built in the year 1964, the Costa Paradiso is one such example. The plan of the building was laid down by Michelangelo Antonioni. The accurate use of the circular plans is one of the prime reasons that help the structure stand up that tall and beautiful.

    According to Follownews, the proposal that was laid down for the structure of the Slovenian Parliament building does belong to the lot that needs a special mention. The idea for the same was first initiated in the year 1947. Though technology has become a way to advance in the recent years, the concept or the importance of circular plans has never ceased. Architects even in the ancient times knew well the need and importance of the geometric formations. The right amount of measurement and accuracy has been the key to all the perfection all through the years and even in the present times.

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