Multnomah County Fights Portland's Housing Crisis With Backyard Houses

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    Articles Articles Mar 21, 2017 03:38 AM EDT


    Multnomah County is now ready to leave behind Portland's homelessness crisis. With $300,000 and homeowner volunteers, "A Place For You" is launched. It's the government's project that will hopefully benefit everyone in the area.

    According to Oregon Live, the Multnomah County officials will build tiny houses in other people's yard. The owners will not pay anything for it and they will own after. The catch is it's going to be rented first by street families without pay for the next five years.

    "A Place For You" is a housing contract that's proposed by Multnomah County Idea Lab. It's actually known for its creative public policies. In essence, it also said that it might be small but it's already a big effort to help out Portland's housing shortage.

    With $75,000 budget for each home, Multnomah County will begin the constructions in June. The officials hope to build 300 units this year only. If it succeeds, 24,000 more will be needed to finally answer homelessness in the place.

    "This pilot is a great way to test whether partnerships between homeowners, government and those experiencing homelessness can work," Mayor Ted Wheeler said. To take note, housing project is one of his key platforms during the election that's why he's really eager to do it. Besides, the problem is an overwhelming case already that really needs attention.

    In another report, Willamette Week also shared more details about the Multnomah County backyard house project. It relatively addressed the possible controversy around the project.

    Head of the Joint Office of Homeless Services Marc Jolin noted that before "A Place For You"begins, Homeowners approval will be gathered first. They won't be forced to partake in the project, in any case, they don't agree with it. To take note, this isn't the only housing crisis Portland is undertaking hence it's not going to force anything negative just to make it happen.

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