OMA's 'Concrete' Is Dubai's Most Stunning Flexible Cultural Center Today

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    Architecture Architecture Mar 18, 2017 01:15 PM EDT


    OMA finally unveiled to the public its incredible architecture in Dubai. The "Concrete" is a multi-purpose cultural space made for Alserkal Avenue. Its impressive opaque facade is only the beginning of its extraordinary structure built. Find out there why it's one of the best buildings in the country now.

    In a report by OMA's official website, it said that "Concrete" is Dubai's cultural milestone. As of now, Alserkal Avenue is highly advancing culture initiative in the country. Its 25 art galleries aren't enough for its fast growth hence it needed the design studio's help for a new place.

    OMA repurposed a 1,250 m2 warehouse into "Concrete" for it. The exterior is made with 8m high ceilings, rotating and sliding walls, and a transparent facade. Outside, it's really stunning to look at. its black starry walls on the other side also add more drama to its architecture. 

    OMA's Dubai's"Concrete" interior is likewise something else. When its walls are moved, it reveals a large complex that's really massive. The architecture's opaque glass walls let natural sunlight in the place. Thus, people really enjoy walking around the big space.

    "The OMA team has brought their unique aesthetic and thoughtful approach to urban architecture to the Avenue," Director of Alserkal Avenue Vilma Jurkuteexplained about "Concrete." "In doing so, they have created a space that has started a dialogue for architectural evolution in the UAE," she added.

    In addition, Curbed also shared more interesting details regarding OMA's "Concrete." It especially talked about the importance of the place for OMA. Alserkal Avenue, and Dubai. 

    OMA Founder Rem Koolhaas said in the press conference that Dubai is a place where his company will grow. it has a deep impact on it that makes building architectures in it effortless. To take note, it's only the practice's first ever project in the country. He continued to tell that "Concrete" is not merely a place, It's an art institution.

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