This Stunning Shades of Green Is Perfect For Your House Now!

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    Interiors Interiors Mar 18, 2017 01:16 PM EDT


    Green is incredibly dominating 2017's color trend today. Hence, here are its best color schemes with its different shades. Make your kitchen, living room, or bedroom pop with the refreshing St. Patrick's Day hue. 

    Even Pantone's choice of 2017 color of the year is green. It's called "Greenery" which symbolizes rejuvenation, foliage, youthfulness and freshness. It's also chosen because of its ability to neutralize other shades. 

    In a report by Houzz, it gathered lots of stunning green interior inspirations. From celery green to vivid green, all of it will surely be great in any room in the house.

    To begin, the living room may have an apple green sofa in contrast to all white, wood and glass interior design. The combination is a fresh take on a modern nature design.

    A pale avocado or deep emerald greens may also be used. Though, these are best for the bedroom. The lighter color may be paired with terracotta and brown shades. Then, the darker one may be contrasted with navy, pink, and red accents. 

    Glossy green, tropical aqua, mottled olive, pea-soup-green, bright green, and dusty green are the other shades to chose from. To take note, the colors aren't only great for the walls. Any furniture, decors, and accessories may be in these hues too.  

    Elle Decor also suggested some remarkable green color schemes. There are only two because it only came from the report's interesting array of color trends. 

    "Confident Blue-Green" is the first choice. It's good to combine to fuse with other colors such as orange, black and white. A kitchen in these color scheme will sure be a hit. 

    Lastly, "Composed: Earth Green and  Taupe Beige" is also a perfect blend. It excludes a calming vibe that's nice for the room. The wall may be in the green tone then decors and furniture will be in the other shade.

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