Creativity And Innovation Are Driving Factors For these Interior Design Award-Winning Entries

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    Interiors Interiors Mar 20, 2017 03:44 PM EDT


    Creativity and innovation are two key elements in creating a design worthy of praise, which is something these design entries have achieved in astonishing fashion. Interior design doesn't just have to be aesthetically appealing, it should also be functional.

    The perfect blend of form and functionality should match a design's creativity and innovation. According to KTOO, this perfect blend was evident in a design by Bauer/Clifton Interiors, as it snags this year's Northwest Design Awards.

    Seattle's annual Northwest Design Awards has crowned a re-designed Alaskan mansion in Juneau as this year's winner. Designer Jeremy Bauer has mentioned that the design was inspired by an "'80s McMansion in the valley" that mixes creativity and innovation.

    The interior design features a spiraling staircase and flooring that uses woven wood as its material and inspiration. Bauer explained that the creativity and innovation behind the award-winning design stemmed from the homeowner's needs.

    This involves coming up with an interior design that features a mix between historical antique furnishings and modern amenities. Designer Jason Clifton described the creativity and innovation-driven design as a "farmhouse chic."

    Meanwhile, the winner in the recent Singapore Interior Design Awards also used creativity and innovation to come up with their winning design. The award-winning design is featured in a Singapore furniture store called Xtra.

    The interior design dubbed the "Fabricwood" engulfs a large portion of the furniture store, creating a natural effect to a fabricated material. With a some creativity and innovation, designer Pan Yi Cheng was able to blend the elements of a solid form and structure design along with the fluidity of fabric.

    This results in a mesmerizing display of woodwork that looks smooth as silk, while maintaining the solid elements of wood. Creativity and innovation helped create this design as it creates an illusion that something as hard as plywood, can look as soft and smooth as a cloth-like fabric. 

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